BoXiKoN 2.1.6

Challenging box puzzle game

BoXiKoN is a fun and addictive puzzle game that requires powers of strategy and logic. View full description


  • Lots of shapes and levels
  • Challenging gameplay


  • Too hard for kids
  • Sound effects limited

Very good

BoXiKoN is a fun and addictive puzzle game that requires powers of strategy and logic.

Although it's what would traditionally be called an "Action Puzzle", BoXiKoN is a bit different. There is more of an emphasis on planning, organization and selection and less on arcade style quick reactions.

BoXiKoN consists of 15 levels and more than 60 shapes of increasing complexity which you can position anywhere on the game grid. This requires a bit more creative powers and strategic planning than you get with standard falling shapes style puzzle games.

BoXiKoN is a lot of fun although it's probably a bit too taxing for kids. The sound effects are also rather limited and you may experience some bugs when lifting blocks from time to time.

Overall though, BoXiKoN is a decent attempt at making puzzle games a little different.


  • Fixed some file/score/state saving issues.
  • Improved game sequence when no moves are possible.
  • Minor bug-fix with placement suggest hits.
  • Improved input for pickup, drag, rotate shapes

BoXiKoN is fast becoming a ‘must have’ classic action puzzler game! The game is very easy to learn; it will be love at first play! Simply rotate and place shapes into the grid to form solid connecting lines across or down. The solid lines are cleared from the board allowing you to continue placing more shapes! Use your skills of organization and planning to ensure you never run out of space! Sounds too easy? Well, give it a go!

BoXiKoN is an extremely addictive arcade puzzle game; a fresh addition to the classic puzzle game family which includes games like Tetris, Bejeweled, Puyo Puyo, Zoop, Rumble Cube and also Columns!



BoXiKoN 2.1.6